MVC, Building and persisting view models.

On my recent projects there has been a higher demand for richer UI with pages containing a number of smaller steps (page updates) before the final submission. In order to do this you will probably need to persist the collection of data between posts, here is one method of tackling this whilst keeping to the […]

Squashing your old sql scripts into migrations using T4 templates.

I recently looked at pulling some old sql scripts into a series of versioned migrations, here’s how the first cut panned out… To get started download MigratorDotNet and the T4 Toolbox. Install the toolbox and then create a new c# class project referencing Migrator and Migrator.Framework. Create an Extensions folder and add MigratorExtensions.cs. using System; […]

.Net 3.5, [Obsolete] and XMLSerializer.

Here my first Gotcha, if you put an [Obsolete] attribute on a class/property then it gets ignore by XMLSerializer, applies to .Net Framework 3.5 and above.

The speed of delivery – Specifications.

The speed of the project is the speed at which ideas move between minds, or its inverse which is stronger, anything that slows the movement of ideas between minds slows the project down.Alistair Cockburn If I was both the business sponser and the developer I could start coding my ideas, delivering software that matter to […]

NuGet – Sharing code in Visual Studio 2010

It’s an open source visual studio 2010 extension that lets you include other peoples code in your projects, or your own if you package it. The extension handles the grunt work of downloading, adding references, and configuring packages you choose to add to your project. You can also easily remove packages you’ve installed. The extension […]